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Thai Yoga Bodywork
Thai Yoga Bodywork

Assisted deep stretching and relaxation, fully clothed on. Breathwork, meditation in Traditional Thai yoga. Try Luk Pra Kob, fresh handmade herbal compresses infused with lemongrass, ginger and other fresh herbs. Try Thai abdominal massage with custom blended oils for a sweet release.  Thai is known for a gentle touch that releases and encourages energy to flow.  Experience a traditional Thai treatment!


Tuina is bodywork that releases muscles, tendons, ligaments and releases joints.  Whether vigorous or subtle, saraphim stimulates acupressure points along channels, Zang fu and bones. Tuina’s techniques include rolling, pressing, striking, shaking, moxa, fire cupping and guasha. Special linaments, oil infused with eucalyptus, heat will help relax and energize the clients. Based on the style of the practitioner’s understanding of how  balance Qi, yin & yang, saraphim applies Tuina strikingly toharmonize body, mind and spirit.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is characterized by slow turning movements, weight shifts and deep breathing. Meditation is a pathway or connection when applied to movement practice that transforms simple exercise into a journey of a lifetime.

Ongoing Classes

East-West Healing Arts & UW Health & Wellness, The American Center

Tai Chi & Qi Gong @ UW Health

Simple Strength @ UW Health

Thai Bodywork @ East-West Healing Arts Institute

Chai Quao @ East-West Healing Arts Institute

Outdoors Tai Chi @ the park

Thai Bodywork


Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapy, NCBTMB & Registered Thai Therapist Instructor THAI since 2007

Nourish your body with flexibility and gentle movement.

Thai Elements

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water & Space.

Yin & Yang

Heaven and earth, you are what stands between.


Nurture your body with strength, flexibility and ease. Understand the nature of your heart and focus your mind.

Tai Chi

Moving in harmony.